Ultimate Strike Craw

B8LAB Ultimate Strike Craws

We’re proud to introduce the hottest new addition to the B8LAB range – the Ultimate Strike Craw. Countless hours of design work and field-testing have gone into the development of this bait with only one thing in mind – creating an ultra-realistic craw that kicks and swims like no other on the market. Crafted with a ribbed body, hook channels for offset and weedless rigging and juiced up with XTREME Squid Scent, the Ultimate Strike Craw will put Bass in a feeding frenzy as soon as it hits the water.

Size(s): 4 Inches of bass catching fury

fishing techniques

  • Texas Rig
  • Carolina Rig
  • Flipping Pitching
  • Punching/Heavy Cover
  • Jig Trailer
  • Surface Fishing/Top Water

Product Features

fishing techniques

  • Football Jig
  • For Jig Trailers
  • Flipping/Pitching
  • Craw Immitations

Product Features

b8lab Tungsten Jigz

Our all-new B8LAB Tungsten Football Jigs offer superior sensitivity and a one-of-a-kind creature/crawfish imitation that will lure trophy caliber fish straight to your hook. Our B8LAB Jigz are built using premium-grade tungsten material – making them more compact than lead jigs of the same wight and size. This key feature allows our B8LAB Jigz to be fished over rocky terrain, where bulkier jigheads might get hung up easier. In addition to offering a smaller package, B8LAB Jigz are far more sensitive, allowing you to feel even the slightest changes in bottom structure and the faintest of strikes. Take your bass game to the next level!  

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tungsten jig Colors

orange shiner

Bluegill flash

natural shad

baby bass

Pumpkin Chartreuse


Evil Crawdad

Black Red Flake

Watermelon Red Flake

Green Pumpkin Gold Flake

B8LAB Tungsten X-Jigz
MSRP: $5.29
Per piece | 1 per unit